Media – Security

classifiedThe "Company" specializes in Media security, shredding of classified documentation, secure destruction of classified media and presents secure destruction solutions to your company.

The classified shredding building is closed and secured by a 24 / 7 security system and has security cameras recording all movements at all times. These facilities offer the customer/s safe and sound security that all collected information - in all forms and shape are shredded and destroyed in the recycle process.

In all cases wherein the customer/ s insist on this recycling process at his premises, then the "company" pays a house call along with it's experienced crew to fulfill the customer's requirements.

The "Company " is very conscious and flexible to the customer's needs, whether it is shredding at the " Company " facility or at the customer's premises. In either way the customer is always assured of complete satisfaction.





For the very first time in Israel, the "Company " employs unique technology which reduces the turn around time and provides effiency to this recycling process. The name of the game is total and full security as far as Media security is concerned . The "Company" allows it's customer / s to determine the shredding size and even reach the flake size. Of course, the " Company" can also shred articles like, credit cards, I.D. cards. IC. boards and magnetic tapes.

Destruction of Magnetic Media

KMM system will gladly offer it's services for the destruction of Discs and Diskettes, Hard Disc, back up tapes and other hard media. 







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