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The Epoch Times.
We were aware of paper recycling . he " Greens " among us used to go at length to find a round metal bin. Not surprisingly, the most extreme supporters of recycling paper used to collect the old recycleable newspaper. These metal bins were most " unfriendly", perhaps due to fear of mixing paper with other waste. The opening was very narrow in order to prevent collection of objects other than paper.


Living from Remnants.
Lately, the paper collection trend is gradually increasing. This trend does not pass over the printing facilities- local  and International. People are gradually understanding that saving quality environment actually means preserving quality of life for the future generation. Printing facilities in Israel are no different. Almost all facilities recycle part of their waste. Some execute the recycle process in a make shift manner and some do it very systematically.


Global Warming.
Drop all your paper waste into the appropriate bins. We are speaking about all types of paper- office, envelopes, old newspaper and old cardboard containers. There is no sense or logic in throwing away recycleable paper along with other waste. In fact , today ,in comparison to the past it is easier to recycle in Israel, especially with the support of the government.


Paper Recycling Status in Israel.
In recent years" Paper Recycling " has become the main topic in recycling circles, especially in the printing press division. Everbody is in favour of paper recycling, in all forms price- in contrast to all those doubting this process.


Ministry of Quality Environment – Implementation.
The Ministrial Inter department team for reduction of office paper waste recommended several implementation stages in 31.12.2001. The government authorized and recommended action plans. Immediately, thereafter representatives met with the respective Ministers and their General Managers I order to prepare a common working infrastructure.

 In accordance to the government decision and as a result of the Minister's request, a representative was selected for each Ministrial office responsible for Quality Environment.



Ministry of Finance.
The government purchasing department located in this  Ministry recently amended two Bids, supporting quality environment common to the entire ministry.

One bid was for Toners and Ink Cartridges for printers and the other for Paper.


Paper Recycling in Israel.
KMM and the Blue Bins from Rishon Le Zion.

 The company specializes in paper recycling and is one of leading companies in the subject. Initially the company in it's foundation stages [1989] was based in OFAKIM[Southern Israel].This company moved up north to the industrial zone of Rishon Le Zion in the year 2000.

This company employs around 100 employees and among it's clients are institutions like large printing establishments, government offices,major banks and local municipal councils.Old newspaper accounts for 60 % of the collected material while the rest is various old corrugated cardboard.


Summary- Conclusion – Waste Review.
Mr. Liran Kortov-Paper Recycling. Various project of classified paper. Project of collecting old newspaper from Industrial areas amounts to about 70% of the collected paper are exported to various countries. The present world economic crisis – Due to the drastic fall of prices, there is a reduction in the export market. China was one of the major export target.


Recycling Industry in Israel.
The "Company's " expertise is in the collection of recycleable waste paper to be used as raw material in the paper Industry.The " company " has two facilities – one in Ofakim which includes sorting systems and conveyors, press and equipment for processing waste recycleable paper and the second plant in based in Rishon Le Zion.

 The paper now held   in your hands could be sold  for recycling. The remnants of your coffee cup in the coffee shop could be turned into compost for agriculture. Even your broken down P.C is worth money in turning out new electronic products.


Global Renewal of recycled paper in Tel Aviv.
KMM – won the tender issued by Municipal Authorities of the city Tel Aviv. This action added Tel Aviv to the long list of World cities which recyle paper. Within the frame work of this project, KMM under the leadership of Mr. Philip Kortov[ the owner and founder] will place over 2000 plastic bins  in the waste collecting rooms of residential buildings in the city.


Modiyem- BusinessIn the city  of  Modiyem- Reyot there are five local publishers. Add to this list the weekend newspaper in various languages and you have a huge quantity of newspaper. Until recently this large quantity of raw material was being thrown away in general waste disposal containers and transported to the landfill site for burial.

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