Statistics- Recycling Industries 

The Israeli citizen normally produces  daily about 1.5 to 2 kgs. Of waste. Recovery paper & cardboard forms about 25% of this waste and about 30% of volumne .In accordance to the Israeli Ministry of Environment, a total amount of 15% of the house waste is recycled. This factor is an increase of 20% of the industrial waste of the industrial waste p of paper 7 cardboard appropriate for recycle. Here below various types of paper collected by KMM and the final products achieved after the recycle process:


  • White paper from printing houses, offices & schools, transformed into toilet paper and other hygienic paper.
  • Old news paper from residential buildings, printing houses are exported to International mills and transformed into new paper.
  • Old corrugated  cardboard from industrial centers, large chain of super markets and malls are exported to International mills for producing new corrugated cardboard.
  • Tetra pak sheets from  manufacturing facilities manufacturing these boxes prior to utilizing them as milk containers




The yearly consumption of paper stands at about one million tons. Partially supplied by local mfrs and partly by import into Israel. Out of the above, 200000 tons collected per year is about 70% of the local manufacture.

The recycling industry is a huge source of employment.This industry reduced the volumne of the waste destined to be buried in land fills, saves resources and of course preserves a clean atmosphere. Every paper recycled saves the cutting down of tree and energy. There are three principals in the process of easte: source sorting, reduction and recycling.

The sorting should be carried out at source(home).At this station there is no mix of various waste. The waste remains clean and this sorting creates separate types of waste at source.

The following are seperateable at source:

  • Cardboard and paper-all types of paper,old books and magazines.
  • Plastic-nylon and plastic bottles.
  • Glass- glass bottles ,broken glass and plates.
  • Batteries – all types.
  • Organic waste – food remnants and vegatables.

In few countries of the western world,such as Germany,Holland,USA & Canada – all homes have 3/4 waste containers for collecting waste for recycling.

KMM Recycling Industries Ltd, is the pioneer in this field in Israel which has introduced the :" blue container system "

Reduction means reducing waste volumne by utilizing the reusable plastic containers. In the industrial section, reduction means compression of waste and it" 's volumne reduction. The cardboard is compressed into small bales allowing easy transportation in reduced volumne.KMM sells/hires special compactors made for compacting of paper,card board and plastic to enable volumne reduction.

After the sorting & reduction process the material is transported for further cleaning and packing into bales to be eventually exported to various International Paper Mills.

Recycling is the best existing solution in our home provided strict adherence to the above expalination.



KMM presently exports about 70% of the collected recyleable material. Due to the low demand of such material in the local market, KMM has set up an efficient export department. Following the cleaning, sorting and compacting process in the plant ,these materials are exported to various International Paper Mills. This export phase dramatically reduces the waste volumne being sent to "Land FILL" and increase the profitability of collecting and exporting to International Mills.

The Minister for Environment , Mr G. Ezra during his visit to KMM Industrial Limited.

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