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Export of raw materials

Expanding the KMM product basket

KMM Recycling Industries Ltd is an exporter of all the raw materials for which there is no demand in Israel.
KMM has connections and relations all over the world which enable it to expand its product basket and to collect every kind of dry waste that exists and to market and sell all the products that are collected.

An advantage for the country

Due to KMM’s export of raw material, the collection activities of waste have doubled in Israel, and therefore this is a huge advantage for the country.

Developing the market and new fields of activity

The market developments have enabled the growth of various fields of activity such as collection and recycling in the field of textile. Without these market developments, collection and recycling in the field of textile would not have been done at all since there is no demand or an industry for it in Israel. Even collection of newspapers, for which the demand in Israel alone does not justify collecting it, would not have been done without these developments.


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