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Recycling Plastic

Reducing the ecological damage
In Israel 250,000 tons of plastic products are thrown out every year, and they constitute approximately 15% of the weight of residential waste, and 30% of its volume, since usually it is empty packages of products. The large volume of the waste is a real problem in the various landfill sites and since plastic is not biodegradable, or we should say is only biodegraded in 1000 years, it is a problem that causes larger and larger ecologic damage. Burning plastic releases into the air large quantities of toxic materials and therefore is not an option. It is best to reduce our consumption of plastic to a minimum, but until that happens, KMM has stepped up to the plate once again in order to recycle plastic and to reduce the volume of plastic waste that is thrown out.

Unfortunately, not all of the plastic waste is recyclable, but at least 100,000 tons of this waste can be recycled and reused, and we are doing everything possible in order to recycle as much of it as possible.
We are happy to say that due to our widespread activity on the subject of recycling, the public awareness of the need to recycle is on the rise, but the public is still lacking the needed knowledge about recycling various plastic products, more than just empty drinking bottles.
Recycling plastic products is one of the most complex recycling processes, since most of the plastic products are composed of a compound of a number of different plastic materials that must be separated, and mixing them could cause more damage than benefit.

Since there still is no institutionalized recruiting in Israel or public awareness of the facilities for collection of plastic except for drinking bottles, KMM establishes plastic collection services all across the country. We collect the plastic and transfer it to shredding, destruction or recycling in a controlled process. The plastic remains for which there is no demand in Israel, are exported abroad.

 If you have plastic that can be recycled such as plastic tent-clothes, various plastic packages, plastic boards of different sizes, leftover plastic from factories and so on, give us a call and we’ll be on the way.


Recycling as much plastic as possible


Collection of plastic


Reducing ecological damage

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