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About KMM Recycling Industries Ltd.

The knowledge and the ability to handle your paper

KMM Recycling Industries Ltd. was founded in 1989. KMM is a private company and is owned by the Kortov Family.
The Company specializes in collecting, sorting, shredding, processing and distribution of various types of recyclable waste paper, such as white paper, old newspaper, old corrugated cardboard and other various types of paper.
The Company owns a large fleet of trucks and vehicles of various types and sizes, offering a country wide service to thousands of customers from the private sector, the business sector and the municipal sector.
The Company has many years of experience and provides its services on a nationwide scale for all types of land waste. The Company provides service from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south. The Company has 4 operation facilities across the country, in order to handle the various materials.

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The Company’s activities

The company’s flagship – shredding paper and information security. KMM is the leading company in this field and provides shredding and information security services to a wide range of establishments, some of which are highly classified. The company meets the strictest standards of those establishments.
The Company also provides services of collecting and recycling thousands of tons of paper and old corrugated cardboard each month from the municipal sector all across the country.
The Company rents compactors machinery and compactors to hundreds of customers all across the country, especially supermarkets and malls.
The Company is the pioneer in the “source sorting” method. The “Company” is the first to establish and operate the “blue bin project”. These plastic blue bins are distributed in various cities for collecting old household paper, old newspaper from the tenants.
This project has opened the door for an additional color in the waste room: blue bins that enable the tenants to put the paper directly into recycling. Today, due to the success of the blue bins, orange bins for packages have been added, as well as brown bins for organic waste.
The company has developed the world market for newspaper for which the demand in Israel is very low. Following the market development, an interest for paper collection has been aroused. The company services approximately 3 million residents all across Israel.
KMM Recycling Industries Ltd. is a sub-contractor of Ela Recycling Corporation.
Ela Recycling Corporation organizes collection of all plastic bottles (not for deposit) and is one of the largest players in that market in Israel. After suction of the bottles from the large recycling container, the company takes great care in sorting the bottles according to color (clear/colorful) and according to the content (separating cleaning products bottles – bleach etc.)
KMM Recycling Industries Ltd. is a sub-contractor of TMIR Corporation
The Company has built for the corporation a large automatic plant in high European standards with an optic sorting system, in which the products that come from the orange bin are separated. The plant separates and enables recycling of 7 products from the green bin.
Textile collection: Did you know that approximately 10% of the waste that is produced annually comes from textile products? KMM Recycling Industries Ltd. takes care of collecting and recycling textile for reuse in third world countries and in the industry.
KMM Recycling Industries Ltd. is the leading company in Israel in the field of recycling and the environment. The Company develops new projects and leads the recycling processes and handling of waste in Israel.
KMM Recycling Industries Ltd has the ability and the technical Know-How to handle your office paper waste in centralizing and removing it from your facility.
We offer our customers a variety of means suited according to the various needs of each organization. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your organization.

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