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Textile collection

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KMM considers of utmost importance recycling in a simple and effective manner in which everyone can contribute to protecting the balance of nature and the environment. Recycling clothes is one way in which every one of us can do our part in reducing the non-biodegradable waste that is thrown to the waste sites and in significantly reducing unnecessary consumption and pollution.

The statistic shows that clothes constitute approximately 6% of our residential waste, and we all see the piles of clothes next to or in garbage bins, mostly in spring and autumn or before the holidays. The materials from which clothes are made are not biodegradable and burying clothes contributes to pollution of the land and to emission of Methane gas which causes global warming.
Recycling clothes can save not only by reducing the direct pollution but also in a significant reduction of the energy consumption required in order to bury the waste. Over the last few years we can see more and more bins for recycling clothes in different cities, and even though not all of them are ours, we see this as a blessed thing!

Recycling clothes
All clothes can be recycled!
After collecting the clothes we sort them: clothes that are in good condition are transferred for reuse in populations with lesser means, and clothes that are not suitable for reuse are cut and transferred to be used as rags in garages and factories if they are made from tricot and other natural materials, or crushed and taken apart before recycling if they are made from wool or acrylic.
KMM places special bins for recycling clothes in every place where is required, and works with many municipalities and local authorities. The collection of the clothes is done at appointed times by a truck that is designated for collection, so that there is always room for more clothes.


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