Different sizes of compactors

Compacting System

for Waste Carton

KMM places stationary compacting systems in facilities and business centers that produce large quantities of waste carton in order to collect the cartons.

This method is much more convenient for these type of facilities since all the people who work at the facility have to do is simply throw the waste  paper/carton into the compactor and turn it on. the compactor then compacts at the point of origin, and thus reduces space and volume of the material in it.

Special compactors for compacting waste paper and carton

Not every compactor is suitable for compacting paper and carton – the stationary compactors we provide for our customers are made especially for waste paper and carton since they coordinate emptying the material once the compactor is full. In using a regular waste compactor for compacting waste paper and cardboard a problem could occur while emptying the compactor.

Compactors of various sizes

KMM places compactors of various sizes and volumes based on the customer’s needs. The compacting volume is also adapted to the specific customer’s needs and is calculated based on the frequency of emptying and on the amount of waste.

Types of compactors

Integral compactor

In an integral compactor the compacting system is an integral part of the compactor itself. During removal of the compactor a company truck arrives and takes the compactor to our factory, where we weigh the compactor and empty it in the designated area based on the type of material for continued handling. After emptying the compactor, the truck returns to the customer and places the empty compactor in place.

Removable compactor

In a removable compactor the compacting system is stationary at the customer’s facility and it is usually attached to a suction system. During emptying the compactor, only the cassette is replaced by an empty cassette.


Compressors for maximum fit


Different sizes of compactors


Special compacting for paper and cardboard

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