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KMM Recycling Industries Ltd., was founded in 1989. KMM is a private company and is owned by the Kortov  Family.about

The company specializes in collecting, sorting, shredding, processing and distribution of various types of recycle able waste paper, such as , white paper, old newspaper, old corrugated cardboard and other various types of paper.

The company owns a large fleet of trucks and vehicles of various types and sizes, offering a country wide service to thousands of
customers – starting from Kiryat Shomana in the north and up to   and including Eilat in the south.

KMM   Recycling Industries Ltd., [ hereafter called the " Company"], has the ability and the technical Know-How to handle your Office paper waste in centralising and removing from your facility.

The "Company" is the leader in Media security and offers secure media shredding facilities to a wide range of private clientele

The "Company" is the pioneer in " source sorting" method. The "Company" is the first to establish and operate the "blue bin project". These plastic blue bins are distributed in various  cities for collecting household old news paper from the tenants.
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